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Love‘s Lament

In the depths of my heart, love dwells so deep,

A beautiful chaos, a pain I can't keep.

Each moment with her, a fleeting bliss,

Yet missing her touch, I can't dismiss.

Trying to move on, to let go and forget,

But her memory lingers, a constant regret.

Forcing myself to detach from her embrace,

Yet her essence still haunts every space.

In the darkness, I keep pushing through,

Patiently waiting for the light to renew.

Her beauty, a balm to my weary soul,

Yet the ache of her absence takes its toll.

Grieving the loss, accepting what's true,

That we're never meant to start anew.

Still, I hold onto hope, however faint,

That one day, the longing will paint

A picture of peace, where I'll finally rest,

But part of me fears what that day may suggest.

For her love was a power, pure and divine,

May it endure beyond the confines of time.

I wish her well, wherever she may roam,

In her care, may she find a loving home.

And as I lay awake, longing to be near,

I hold onto the hope that no nightmare be near.

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Federico Baumgartner
Federico Baumgartner
May 10

Limpido, cristallino, intonso, vergine, come il pendio Nord

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