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Love's Marathon: Chasing Hearts in the Tremors of Dreams

Here I am, standing in the heart of a bustling city, the air thick with anticipation. As I close my eyes, a sudden tremor shakes the ground beneath me. My heart quickens its pace, each beat echoing the drastic destruction around me. The once-familiar cityscape transforms into a chaotic scene of destruction, an image straight from my imagination.

In the midst of the chaos, my mind leaps into action.

I instinctively scan the disarray, searching for the direction where she might be.

The urgency courses through my veins, propelling me into a run that feels both desperate and infinite. Broken streets become my labyrinth, and fiery obstacles demand attentive navigation. It's a journey of endurance, a marathon fueled not by physical limits but by an unyielding determination to find her.

The city crumbles, and I press on, midst the chaos surrounding me. The falling debris are making my heart pound more, each step carrying the weight of a thousand emotions. I run not away from the disaster but toward the epicenter of my longing.

And then, there she is. A light amidst the ruins, she stands before me. Hope swells within my chest as I reach out, trying, fighting against the fear of managing to bridge the distance before I wake up. Because deep down, I know it's a dream; a recurring fantasy that unfolds when I close my eyes.

Yet, for those extreme moments within the dream, the run, the earthquake, the broken streets; they all fade into insignificance. All that remains is her, and the end of the world. An absolute peace where the contrast of dark and light balances out.



In my young mind, love was an apocalyptic affair. If the world crumbled today, if the sky descended in a cascade of chaos, my heart insisted I'd want to be with her, whoever she was at the time. Those were the whimsical notions that danced through my imagination. I used to play out elaborate fantasies, casting myself as the valiant hero, saving the girls I fancied from every conceivable danger or darkness.

Years later, I find myself perched on the edge of contemplation. As I ponder whether the stars would fall and the sky crumble, an odd feeling takes over in me. Would I genuinely want to be with her amid the chaos, the unraveling of reality itself?

Surprisingly, the answer remains an absolute "yes." In the face of potential catastrophe, a peculiar sense of comfort washes over me. Yet, doubts linger, and I question the authenticity of these emotions. Is it merely a manifestation of childhood dreams, the persistent desire to rescue the princess? I think about this question repeatedly, the echoes of uncertainty bouncing off the walls of my contemplative mind. Despite the persistent self-interrogation, one truth prevails. I'm at peace within these dreams.

The vivid scenarios of catastrophic endings, where fear runs through my veins, finding warmth of shared company. It's a beautiful and pure dream, where the pinnacle of devastation becomes the best imaginable end.

Looking back on my life, I realize I've always been in touch with my emotions, even though there were times I tried to distance myself. Whether it was a crush, love, care, or adoration, I stayed true to my feelings. One significant part of my journey revolves around romance. I used to enjoy pursuing and making women feel good, seeing each connection as a conquest.

But things changed. Over time, I met someone, and upon reflection, I discovered a profound difference. It wasn't about conquest anymore; it was about understanding and exploring layers of connection beyond the surface.

Now, as I think about these emotions, I see how powerful this unique connection is. It goes deeper than feelings, enduring the changes life brings. Its significance echoes through the halls of my memories and actions, shaping a narrative that goes beyond the superficial moments of the past, a narrative of evolution.

I find solace in a recurring dream: a dream where the complexities of life, the uncertainties, and the disruptions fade into insignificance. It's a dream where, irrespective of the challenges faced, there's a pure sense of peace. It is within this dream that I confront and embrace the ever-evolving notion of love within myself.

The desire to be the hero, the longing for a connection so profound that it withstands even the hypothetical collapse of the universe; it's all part of the intricate concept of love that my young self began weaving in dreams and continues to unfold in the reality of my emotions.


Note: Here I am, going through the power of love.

I confess, I fear that I will never see you again. I fear that I must admit that you aren´t the one. I fear that I will die, without getting the chance to look into your eyes, seeing peace as you have shown it to me; I confess that I think your soul is troubled and I want to be a healing part, but the only person who can do healing and growth is the person itself. I fear my prayers and thoughts are not enough. It is out of my control. I can just give it my thoughts, my prayers and my time. No excuses, show how much you are really in love to yourself, take it and become better. Do better Evolve Suffer Love

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