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My dark Odyssey

Aktualisiert: 4. Okt. 2023

In the alchemy of life, I sought to gain,

But in my pursuit, I found only pain.

She was my solace, my love, my peace,

Yet, in my brokenness, I cast her aside.

The echoes of her laughter, now a distant song,

As I stand amidst the ruins, so terribly wrong.

I loved her forever, in the depths of my core,

But the weight of my failures, I could bear no more.

Time slipped through my fingers, like sand in a sieve,

And the answer I received was a resounding “NO,” so naive.

My heart, once whole, now shattered and torn,

In the abyss of despair, I was endlessly worn.

Amidst the colors of autumn’s grace,

My emotions explode, in this cold embrace.

Winter descends, loneliness knocks at my door,

The fight with my demons, a battle once more.

My beautiful angel, now faded from sight,

The blame rests squarely on my shoulders tonight.

I know nothing, I wish to feel right,

My soul trembles, my darkness I've forgot.

The rush of blood finds no passage to calm my body,

Wishing the void of death, that dark monster, could free me.

I want to give in, release these chains that bind,

Break my chains, love, and to myself, be kind.

In the hermetic chamber of my wounded heart,

I seek the elixir to mend what’s torn apart.

To transmute this pain into wisdom and grace,

A solution not found in the cosmic space.

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