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My scream

That monster that you try to suffocate, but somehow still comes back.

No way of comforting the thought,

a panic, that lurks in the back.

No idea how to silence it.

Scream louder!

Stop breathing!

Punch the wall!

I want blood!

I want Pain!

Incapacitate myself!

Shut up,

head down, keep walking,

Just keep moving,

This too shall pass


The poem delves into the inner turmoil and struggles that the speaker is experiencing, represented by a metaphorical "monster" or scream. This internal chaos is something the speaker attempts to suppress or suffocate but finds it persistently resurfacing. The desperation and intensity of the emotions are vividly expressed through the lines encouraging the scream to be louder, the urge to stop breathing, and the inclination towards self-harm.

As the speaker grapples with the overwhelming emotions, there's a prayer for an escape from the pain and a desire for something drastic to silence the internal turmoil. The poem paints a vivid picture of the internal conflict, where the mind is in a state of turmoil and seeks extreme measures to find relief.

However, the tone shifts towards the end of the poem with the lines "Shut up, head down, keep walking," suggesting a coping mechanism of pushing through the pain and difficulties. The phrase "This too shall pass" becomes a mantra, offering a glimmer of hope and resilience. Despite the ongoing struggle, there's a recognition that time and perseverance may eventually lead to healing and a sense of calm. The poem captures the raw emotions of battling inner demons and the tentative hope for a brighter future.

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Federico Baumgartner
Federico Baumgartner
Nov 29, 2023

«Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch» - «Es ist fast nicht möglich, unverhüllt die schmutzige Wirklichkeit zu sehen, ohne selbst darüber zu erkranken» - «Wer das Tiefste gedacht, liebt das Lebendigste»

Federico Baumgartner
Federico Baumgartner
Nov 30, 2023
Replying to

l'ho chiesto a ChatGPT hahah: «In Bezug auf deine Frage könnte man sagen, dass Leben, wenn es nicht gelebt wird, möglicherweise seine volle Bedeutung und Erfahrung verliert. Das aktive Engagement, die Erfahrungen, die Beziehungen und die persönliche Entwicklung tragen oft dazu bei, dass das Leben als erfüllend empfunden wird. Wenn jemand nur existiert, ohne bewusst zu leben oder Erfahrungen zu machen, könnte dies als eine Art Verlust der vollen Potenz des Lebens betrachtet werden.

Diese Frage ist jedoch stark subjektiv und kann von Person zu Person unterschiedlich beantwortet werden, abhängig von persönlichen Überzeugungen, Werten und Lebenserfahrungen»

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