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Time‘s Embrace

Beneath the open sky, I strive to thrive,

To shape my soul, the best “me” to revive,

In time’s embrace, dreams and destinies jive,

Yet some remain distant, where hopes connive.

In the abyss of uncertainty, we find our test,

A tempestuous sea where values are stressed,

Our structures shaken, hearts pounding in our chest,

Yet, even when we tread the path with purpose strong, devoid of wrath,

Some fragments lie beyond our reach, like stars too distant on life's beach.

Our bodies feel this cosmic transformation,

A love for all, a sacred revelation,

Cherishing purpose, without hesitation,

Holding our pieces, our true foundation.

we must not break,

For in that gaping, dark abyss, we learn what truly makes us miss.

Let not the clock dictate your worth, for all is fluid, ever-changing, from birth,

Do it for love, let passion lead, and watch as destiny recedes.

Time whispers secrets, rearranges scenes, and in its dance, transforms our dreams,

Though now may not be the destined hour, trust that time will grant the power.

I give my all, I strive to be, the best version of myself, you see,

Communication may falter, words may fail, but actions, in the end, will prevail.

So, if the stars withhold their light, know within you burns a guiding might,

It's not the time, but soon it will be, for you are enough, eternally free.

In this journey we embark, know this truth in the depths of your heart,

You're not alone on this winding road; together, we'll find where we're meant to go.

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